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Mists of Pandaria Несправедливые игры на BG

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Hello. I would like to complain about the unfair selection of players, where undressed people from the alliance, who do not know about the functions of changing the side they could play for, almost always play against the same people from the alliance outside bg who play for the horde on bg but dressed. I dare say that in 90% of the games I see how the alliance is played by those who dress in bk clothes, and the same alliance is played for the horde, but already almost fully clothed, which creates a wild imbalance in each game and I cannot imagine a fair selection of the game when players can choose the side for which they can That's why I suggest the following: Since you will not be able to simply remove the possibility of choice, since in any case too few players play for the horde on bg, you can make sure that the selection of players and their distribution in games is always random. So that the alliance plays on the side of the game in 50% of cases and vice versa, so that the horde plays for the alliance in 50% of cases. Let it be even if there are only alliance players on bg, but for that there will not be such a wild imbalance in the inequality of the level of clothing where people simply lose in 80% of cases not only because of inexperience but also because of the low level of clothing.

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