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Burning Crusade Make BoE gear and cards soulbound if rolled need on

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If you roll need on something, you should intend to use it, not sell it. Where I come from, you roll greed on stuff you plan to sell. Also I noticed in BC 5 mans I can, as a mage, roll need on gear I can never equip like plate or axes. That was changed in later xpacks but I feel like if your class can never equip the item you should not be able to roll need for it. Some changes like this are better for the game overall. If you disagree, I'd love to hear how it makes it better than I, a mage, can ninja your plate item or a rogue can take my staff for example.

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You are 100% correct.  I'd love to see these changes.  It would also help where people get tunnel vision and they see "ooohh +spell dmg" and miss the part where it says "Mail" and their thunderchicken can't use it.

It would probably be more trouble than it was worth for it to be added, but I would love to see a more advanced roll system.  Something where you select your MS/OS and then you can roll MS need / OS need / Greed.  That way you don't have to figure out if the rogue is going to roll MS need / greed for the item before you roll OS need for it.  If the rogue rolls MS need and you roll OS need then he gets it, but if everyone greeds and you roll OS need then you get it.  If a couple people roll OS need then it goes out of those people with the random roll.

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