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Mists of Pandaria a step in the right direction need urgent change towards 1v1 conquest

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Hello i  feel a disturbing amount of players in the game find it rather challenging to obtain a weapon as they do not have friends or find that they cannot get into groups with others so here's a fix to grind conquest easier and make a fun game mode that is fun but really disappointing currently 10 conquest per win is actually horrible this needs to be moved to at least 50 conquest per game a win or 80 to make it much more friendly and inviting to have people compete against each other this will not only increase participation but also make a alternative for the playerbase to compete in other then just bgs as most of the pvpers are casuals without friends to reach out towards and not many guilds pvp as it is please make this change as this will ultimately see a major loss of playerbase participation towards this game mode please I beg of you to change this not just for my own taste but to actually see a increase in motivation for players to pvp as solo queue in many pvp games are super inviting towards the casual player 

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The problem is - if I increase base CP for 1v1, other brackets will suffer.

I can think about weekend events though.

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