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Realm: Netherwing Missing Trainers - am I missing something?

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Hi there, found some strange inconsistencies to the things I remember from the days of old - maybe you can clarify some things or tell me why I am an idiot? 🙂

1) Exodar - if you ask a guard for directions to a hunter trainer he talks about a druid trainer in darkshore (or was it Darnassus?)

2) I am missing the Jewelcrafting Trainer in Stormwind - just have the one in the Exodar (Guards don't have the option in the ask for directions section) Just looked also in Ironforge, still no luck.

What is it I don't understand here?

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The first thing might be a bug - however it is also possible you have bad cache, would recommend deleting cache folder with game client closed just in case, i can double check it later.


The second thing is intended. In TBC the jewelcrafting trainers are only in exodar and silvermoon

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