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Realm: Netherwing Most Needed Spec's for PUG Raids?

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I'm just starting up on Netherwing. My schedule is chaotic and doesn't allow me to raid with a guild with any consistency. Could anyone give me an idea as to what specs would help me find groups for pugging quicker? Also, how's the faction balance?

Thank you!

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First off - I highly recommend Alliance. It has a bigger English community and more guilds now

For which spec, for TBC shamans are always highly in need (any spec), followed by Hunters and Warlocks. If you are only doing dungeons, then tank is always high in demand.

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There are also the alliance perks which make it really nice.

Tanks and healers are in high demand.  I see groups looking for DPS, but not nearly as much as "LF1M need tank" or "LF1M need heals".  If you want to maximize your chances of getting into groups, I'd say prot/holy paladin or feral/resto druid, so you could jump into either of the high demand roles.  It would be easier to quest as feral than as prot/holy, but I have seen groups for certain dungeons that specifically ask for a paladin tank, so if you schedule is crazy and you want to focus on one character because of limited play time, I'd seriously consider paladin or druid.  The druid also has stealth and can be tank, healer, melee DPS or ranged DPS, so you have the most versatility.  During retail TBC, I had a druid tank, but I was the one that would respec for whatever we needed for different fights because I could port to moonglade, respec, swap gear and take a lock summon back to the instance.  No one else could do all the roles that I could or port out to a trainer as fast or as often and get back to the raid.  Meant my respecs caused the shortest down time between encounters.

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