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 I Am an avid player from China, I have been playing at Netherwing. In today's copy of the Serpent Temple, Queen Vasquez is shot down. Out of the death belt, the regiment is the ownership of the paladin, in the process of distributing equipment, due to misoperation, point trading, trading window closed, my right mouse button point equipment, wearing to myself! I hope the game administrator can give me back to the owner of the bag inside, I do not know whether this appeal is feasible.
 The ID of the replica is: 8201
 Death Belt's owner is: Hualuo 
My ID is: Annyy 
 suggest two other points: First: can add a wear confirmation button in the replica Bos dropped equipment, i've worn it on myself to prevent mishandling, and I've had it happen three times when I'm distributing equipment. The equipment is more expensive case, I have borne all the losses! 
 2: while entering the instance dungeon, if there is a kill Bos in the instance dungeon, the player will be prompted to kill Bos in the instance dungeon and ask if the player still needs to enter the instance dungeon! Thank you for your reading, and hope my problem can be solved without affecting the game! Thank you so much!

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