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Realm: Netherwing about multi-play in bg and report afk

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hi there

i got a problem

i was playing in eye of the storm and found  someone else is multi-play 2 role in that bg, so i sent chat to battleground,calling  the others to report on that guy

but then i was kick out from that bg as Deserter

i guess it was that guy who report on me,and he then whisper to me mocking me

it's unfair!!

so what's the rule about reporting afk? how many reports dose it take to kick someone out of bg? what about a guy multi-play 3 roles and report on others?

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If you face a multiboxing, it's better to report it directly to GMs.
You can DM even me via Discord - crysis_official.

Ban Appeals, shop troubleshooting, account issues etc. -> [email protected]
How To Connect -> LINK
Rules & Guidelines -> LINK
Frequently Asked Questions -> LINK
Stormforge Logs -> LINK
Stormforge Discord -> LINK

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You don't know how many of the other people are friends of the guy multi-boxing and you put it out there for him and any of his friends to see.  It is like if your neighbor is a drug dealer, you don't call the cops then run over there when they show up and say, "See! See! See! I told you that one right there, he has a bunch of dime and nickel bags in his front left pocket.  I have been watching him pull them out and sell them to people; that's why I called you!"  Make your anonymous report and let everyone else make their anonymous reports.  Open a GM ticket if you are seeing violations of the rules.  The people being reported won't know you opened a GM ticket on them and the GMs will investigate and take appropriate action.

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