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There needs to be a balance by role selection system implemented for Battle Grounds. To often I que into a Battle Ground and either have all the healers or no healers. Both of which isn't really fun regardless of winning or losing. I'd rather wait longer for a que to pop and have a reasonable sense of balance then be forced to leave because it turns into an honor farm at the grave yard. Imagine queing into LFR or a Dungeon with no healers or all healers for that matter. Neither would be fun or successful. 

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It makes sense to a certain degree, but I could imagine there being issues with deciding the appropriate balance and also people not properly using the system.

There could be groups that chose a different group makeup for whatever reason or there could be a lack of healers in the queue which means, even if you have enough people, the queue never pops.

There could be groups that would employ different tactics that require more or less healers than another group.  It all depends on how good the healers are and what other classes are there and how you split your groups up to complete objectives.  Do you send healers with the guys trying to take out the other side's flag carrier? How many healers do you send?  Are there any druid healers that can stealth in with rogues and do a sneak attack?  How many healers do you send with your flag carrier?

Take the LFG system as an example.  You queue as tank, healer and/or DPS, but you have over geared boomkins queuing as all three to maximize their chance of a quick queue.  Granted the ones doing it are capable of probably soloing the dungeon and it works out fine for everyone, but my point is that if they pull the same thing in BGs, you are back to regular queue times, but ending up with the "unbalanced" group structure you are trying to avoid.

Just like with the dungeon LFG system, there may not be the right group make up to fit the cookie cutter perfect balance and then the queue never pops.  I have spent many an hour in queue as tank and DPS on MB1 waiting for the rest of the group to form and there was no one in the queue to fill the roles.

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