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Burning Crusade Remove external buffs provided by players not attending a Raid (for example Soul Stones, Paladin Buffs)

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after looking at recent Zul'Aman attempts it is evident some raid groups take advantage of pre-buffing with multiple different characters which defeats one of the main aspects of 10 man raiding. If you build a roster for a 10 man raid you should expect not being able to bring every buff or even multiple buffs of the same class (stacking 10 Soul Stones on every raid member before starting) and play with the roster you built and the potential it offers without having to apply external buffs.

I suggest removing all external buffs provided by players not attending the raid at least for 10 man content but preferably also for 25 man raids. If it is not possible to remove all buffs like second or third Paladin buff please consider removing at least the Soul Stones to keep the heroic Zul'Aman raid challenging and not ruined by cheese tactics.

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