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Burning Crusade Leatherworking drums - tinnitus debuff

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TL;DR the suggestion is introducing the Tinnitus debuff to promote profession diversity in raids and in general not basing your rotation on a certain profession.

The dominance of Leatherworking drums has created a monotonous raiding experience, players feel compelled to prioritize a specific profession over others merely for the sake of optimal raid performance. This leads to an unbalanced distribution of professions within raid groups, limiting the game's potential for diverse player strategies and obstructing an otherwise preferred profession for your character with one solely acquired for the purpose of min-maxing in a raid setting.

To address the prevailing issue, I propose the introduction of the "tinnitus" debuff . This debuff imposes a 2-minute cooldown on the use of drums, discouraging the constant rotation that has become the norm in raid scenarios. The intention behind the debuff is not to render drums ineffective but rather to promote a more inclusive and varied approach to raid composition.

Encouraging Profession Diversity

The "tinnitus" debuff encourages players to explore other professions without fearing a significant loss in raid efficiency. This promotes diversity within raid groups, fostering a more dynamic and engaging gaming experience.

Strategic Decision-Making

The cooldown on drums challenges raid groups to think strategically about when and how to use this powerful tool. This introduces an element of decision-making, enhancing the overall depth of raid encounters.

Balancing Gameplay

By preventing constant drum rotations, the "tinnitus" debuff aids in balancing the game, preventing a single profession from dominating raid strategies and ensuring that raid success relies on a combination of benefits from various professions.

Reducing Monotony

The introduction of the debuff injects variety into raid gameplay, preventing encounters from becoming overly predictable and allowing for more creative and adaptive approaches to raid challenges.


Again, this is not meant to render drums useless or limit the potential of the profession, but rather to balance it out with respect to other professions.

A juxtapose of how Gnomish Battle Chicken from Engineering was handled; which rendered it completely useless with almost zero utility, not even a stack limit or personal usage mechanism was set in place to still keep it somewhat viable. I believe the "tinnitus" debuff approach is a more lenient and fair way of tackling this issue.



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40 minutes ago, Bladeofblood said:

The importance of going for certain profs has been part of wow for many expacs not just tbc, If you don't want to min max with something like drums find a more casual guild rather then trying to change WoW itself.

This argument is null & void given that one particular profession – engineering – was already altered to such an extent where it did change WoW itself. That choice derailed from what was once (2007-) available to WoW TBC and what was also present on TBC Classic, I'm talking about the nerf to Gnomish Battle Chickens, this made engineering almost completely useless.

And consequently, tinnitus introduction is not changing WoW, if you look at it from the lens of classic TBC, since that iteration of WoW TBC had the debuff present there and working in the same way as I aforementioned. Moreover they had Engineering Battle Chickens in TBC and TBC Classic

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14 hours ago, Wolfenstein said:

I can't add custom auras, it would require players to download an additional .mpq patch to see them.

Hmm, would need to be a custom change, I suppose. Can this be done if you modify character_spell_cooldown on the fly, or would this be too hacky? I don't know how you'd go about handling specific cooldowns for items (asking purely out of curiosity).

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