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General Opening the wlk is strongly recommended

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As a Chinese player, tbc and wlk are definitely sore wounds.
If you had to choose between these two wounds, wlk is definitely the one that hurts the most.
Because of the change of agents, Chinese people have not experienced the full tbc, and the tbc we have experienced is a unique version of China that you have not seen. That's why so many Chinese are flocking to Netherwing.
However, this regret, in the subsequent Blizzard server can get some satisfaction.
Now it's wlk's turn, for the first time, due to agency reasons, when we started playing wlk, it was already late in this version. A lot of the content we don't experience.
In 2023, also due to agents, we can't experience the full content of wlk now, and the server is shut down after we finish the naxx. Maybe when it opens up again, we'll face the Lich King. The intermediate content, in the two server opening, can not be experienced.
So I suggest we open up an 80 server and let us experience a complete wlk from start to finish.
Thank you

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