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Sha of Fear 25HC phase 2 will likely only be reached by a very small amount of guilds. Currently the last phase on progression is expected to end with 6 adds as the boss dies compared to 9 adds in Method's video of the kill.

This make a huge different to fight difficulty since the adds contribute to two major things:
1. Increased AoE raid damage. This means it is quite possible to underheal the fight since the big aoe raid damage only happens in the section of the phase that will never be reached and healers are never really at risk of running out of mana. This then further exacerbates the issue since you can run more dps and kill the fight faster.
2. Increased damage requirements to kill boss. While the adds are up, it is necessary to kill them due to fight mechanics while means reduced damage on the boss. As more adds spawn the boss damage increasingly goes down as more people are required to swap off the boss to kill the adds in a timely manner.

By making 4 adds spawn at the beginning of the fight, this would solve part of these issues since we would expect ROUGHLY 5 more waves of adds to spawn during the rest of the phase before the boss dies (Ideally a 25% hp buff on the adds would be in order too to combat damage inflation for the adds specifically). This means we recover the majority of the fight's retail difficulty WITHOUT increasing the kill time to the ridiculous 24minutes required on retail. This is a win-win situation where the difficulty is added back in without extending the fight length.

I've been told it can be done very easily, and specifically for 25H so it affects a minority of players and is easy to revert if required later on.

I would like to have an actual boss to progress on, killing everything in under 10 wipes due to damage inflation and not even requiring to do mechanics that well is getting boring.


Thanks for listening to my ted talk.

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