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Burning Crusade Implement tradeable Primal Nether (and perhaps purchasable Nether Vortex for BoJ) with ZA instead of Sunwell

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I think a good way to make the 2nd half of S3 more exciting perhaps and have a lot of players come back would be to speed up this process same as you did with healing gear giving spell damage. That will allow more people to craft PvP maces too making the ladder more balanced and introduce more sources for trades and making gold which are not really farmable by bots, therefore benefiting the server economy and population ath the same time. 

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Let me preface my response by saying, "I hope you do not take what I say as disparaging or discouraging. I am not saying in any way that I agree or disagree with you.  I am just pointing out that there is a lot the admins have to take into consideration, so do not get discouraged if their response takes a lot of consideration or if any changes are slow to take effect because there will be a lot to think about before any changes, if any at all, are made. Some people get upset that changes do not come instantly, but I think it is a great sign that the admins do not make changes on a whim and they really take the time to consider every angle and make sure that they run a quality server."

Things that might affect economy have to be carefully considered.  If things are made to easy to farm yourself then the price will drop and if the price drops then the item will fall off the AH completely because people would farm enough for themselves and be done with it because the incentive to farm and sell is gone. If the harder to obtain reagent to make a piece of gear becomes easy to obtain or cheap to purchase then there is less incentive for crafters to create and post those crafted items or the price tanks, which can have a negative impact on overall economy.  It's a ripple effect which can drive prices on other things up or down.

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