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Mists of Pandaria Mist of Pandria - Troubleshoot

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having trouble while logging ? here are some common solutions ! :

1.Do NOT use email or displayname, but use account's login instead.
2.Make sure you have the realmlist properly set in the config.wtf file on SET realmlist "logon.stormforge.gg"
3.Do NOT save your config as txt, keep it as .wtf file.
4.Make sure your account is activated in your mail.
5.Try logging in to the website, go to account settings and TRIPLE check that you use the "account's login" without typo's.
6.Didn't download your client from Tauri or Stormforge? https://launcherdata.tauri.hu/torrent/WoW_548_stream.torrent
7.Make sure your password is not longer than 16 characters otherwise you need to reset your password.
8.You have 132# error?
download this, place it in your wow directory and run it. If you're still crashing you might be able to get moved out of the area by a GM, but downloading a new client is highly recommended as you'll likely keep crashing.

9.Whenever you want to change your game language remember that it doesn't work with Wod models or any other models, also you'll need you to re install your own client again and make sure to change language before launching the game !!
10.If you got black screen when you try to change from Full-Screen to Windowed screen please close your game Go to your config.wtf file found in your wtf folder which is in your main wow folder Add those lines :
 SET gxWindow "1"
SET gxMaximize "1"
"Make sure your game is closed"
11. For Blizzard Addon issues: /run EnableAddOn("Blizzard_PVPUI") replace "PVPUI" with whatever error you're getting.
12.in case game crashing at logon, error #134 and disconnected message was caused by unchecking "Optimize Network for Speed" Qab5z9i.png
. If you get same problems open your WTF/config.wtf with a notepad and search and delete line SET disableServerNagle "0"
!! Additional !!
13. if your keybinds are resetting whenever you close your game please make sure that you didn't place your wow folder in C:/ or D:/ just put them in Desktop and uncheck Read only by right clicking on your wow folder.
14.if you  have  problems with your mouse cursor jumping to the middle of the screen when you go to look around, you can fix by that changing your mouse's polling rate to 125 in the software it uses eliminated the problem completely!


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