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Realm: Mistblade Stormforge Plus ( Premium Accounts )

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I got this Idea from another server ( Can i name drop? ). I really like their "Plus Accounts" which gives you some good QOLs such as

- All Fly patch open ( + Instant fly patch travels ) 

- Indestructible Armor

- Unlimited HS! ( + Option to Teleport to Main Cities )

- Racial Shift / Swap ( Tauren with Shadowmeld or Night Elf with Warstamp - Limited to Class specific racials ) 

- !DISCORD RANK! ( So i can FLEX my Account on them NOOBS 🤣)

- Maybe some other QOL ??


I have mentioned this in Discord and Emtec replied saying something like this "Yes, Possibly, Currently working on something else"


So ... What do you think?

Broke people before you hate comment remember this. Server doesn't run on Magic Fairy Dust.

Also you might say "just buy a mount" like some guy said to me on Discord. Well ... Why play the game if i can buy the mount? Or why play if i can buy Profession boost? etc etc



Atm to me personally the Shop has nothing for me. I have 10£ spare a month since i left Retail. SO TAKE IT! GIVE ME STORMFORGE PLUS ACCOUNT!








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Emtec has stated previously somewhere that he is aware of this other server and what their premium features are (altho iirc, racial shift wasn't one of their paid features, and having users pay for such a feature sounds quite scummy; but also, racial shift isn't even something we're working on/planning), but if there even is going to be some sort of premium subscription service, it may not be using the exact same model from any other pserver. If/when there is anything cash-shop related to announce, I am certain that it will be announced when it is at a level of development we're comfortable with displaying to users since we know that paid features need to have a lot of thought put into them so as not to upset the game balance.

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As long as the paid features are not something that gives players an advantage or something that was part of the game and then became a paid feature, it's fine. If flight paths and riding skills suddenly became a paid only feature, that would be a problem, but level boosts and stuff that you can't obtain in the game are fine. What would be really great is if the store had things like the 2-seater rocket and the murloc costume that were only attainable from events in retail wow.

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