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hello dudes, il have question - what damm with arrange on Battle Ground? Crossfraction is good, but why 1 team 4 healers, in another 0, why, couple of 0 geared people drop to 0 healers party. 

That be empty words, so then i offer kind of help, il understand(some) C# and before WOWtlk il make maps for WOW3 and know some about Engine works, il modify famous cheat GGarin for 1 custom server client and cheat works(Surus.su project. What correctly do? Il found renamed process and revers cheat to dev in Visual studio then change searching process, after that i check work and cathc first account ban, il remove appach request and change to another open port after nmap scan). that in my vision prove of my skill, not high, but il offer free help.
1 - need make some prof revorks, not bonus exp, il mean For EXample - essence in enchanting transfer, bcs in pandaria that works, another content need that - what i mean  3 lesser Celestial essence for 4 Hypnotic dust, and another addons too.

2 - make arrange based on earned Honor points, and make 2 healers in Every party. that can fix based problems in skill based Arena and BG. 
y can found me in discord Fomchik#5312. Eng not my native, so my lang level is nearbly B4-B3

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The work arounds you are suggesting sound like janky bandaids, not real solutions.

Vendors could be added that sell all the lower-end mats at a cost of pandaria mats, but that would be moving further from blizz-like and the admins would have to figure out an appropriate cost-reward ratio for all the mats.  Instead, you could take your level 90 to those lower level areas and farm the mats super quick.  A level 90 any class could solo earlier dungeons and disenchant everything that drops.

Changes to the BG/Arena queue are not that simple and adding restrictions that you have to find cookie cutter groups would make the queues exponentially longer waiting for that perfect mix of players.  Things are skewed in favor of alliance in BGs because that's where the majority of PvP players are on the server.  Making the horde wait to fill the group with the perfect group makeup would drive queue times up and people would give up on PvP completely.

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Not only that, but offering help "free of charge just for benefits to me on the server" isn't entirely free of charge, and we do not currently have a need of the sort of help you're offering us and we do not intend to add free mats or deeply mess with PvP matchmaking to this extent.

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