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12 hours ago, MeTiO said:

Hello. Today 08/12/2023 15:55 server time killed the boss in the raid. But after the murder, the server crashed, and the loot disappeared from the characters. Help me return the loot. Thanks in advance for your help


nickname character   Golden

This would probably be better addressed with an in-game GM ticket or an e-mail to [email protected].

MB1 Horde: <I C U N V N Me>
CowMonster, VelcroGloves, ZugZugThug, Lesdyxia, LaxKills, ICritMyKilt, ICritMyCritr, ICritMyPet, ZeroSkills, IsoloedLK, TotemMonkey, Munkfu

MB1 Alliance:

Netherwing Alliance:
FuzeeWuzee, VelcroGloves, SumBeech, Anullfisher, ICritMyKilt, ZeroSkills

Bug Report: Netherwing or Mistblade

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