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Mists of Pandaria RDF 85-89 just always seems to default to Mogu'shan Palace

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It should already be very random, so just to rule out other factors, were you grouped repeatedly with some of the same people and did you ask those people if they were random queued or if they were queuing specifically for certain dungeons? I think that particular dungeon has one of the higher gear/level requirements, so that probably rules out someone being too low for other dungeons.

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TL;DR. This is mostly all because players are forced out of the Random (Normal) Dungeon system the second they hit level 90, even though they have the exact same gear as they did at level 89.

I can tell you what happens. It is a consequence of the incentives of the system.

When you are at any level before 90, you can queue into the Dungeon Finder by selecting the Random Dungeon Reward system.

However, for reasons I do not understand, once you hit level 90, you suddenly are no longer able to queue for Random (Normal) Dungeons. You can only queue for Random Heroics, but at the same time you do not meet the ilevel requirement to do the Random Heroics.

So now you're stuck and no longer able to use the dungeon finder for anything but Specific Dungeons. Players who care about the Random Dungeon Reward go do something else entirely, so they will likely now no longer ever be queuing for the normal dungeons.

Those level 90 players who still think they can get value from the normal dungeons - which of course they can because they are a couple of 450 ilevel pieces available still or they simply want to get used to playing their class or a new endgame spec before throwing themselves into heroics - start to consider queuing for the other option: Specific Dungeons. Many of these players - but certainly not all - will select multiple or all individual dungeons, e.g. all the yellow marked dungeons.

Now comes the interesting part. A critical role - especially level 90 healers - who just want to quickly farm 450 ilevel pieces and nothing else, may find that the only Specfic Dungeon that contains something they need is ... Mogu'shan Palace. So, now the queue system has a bunch of dps queued all over, either queued for everything or overlap with Mogu'shan Palace, but the only place a critical role like a healer is queued for is Mogu'shan Palace. So, it does what its meant to do and matches as fast as possible to complete a full group with no regard for what that content is, therefore now everyone in that level range for those Specific Dungeons is helping to farm Mogu'shan Palace via the "Random (Normal) Dungeon" system. Not so random after all.

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Not a suggestion/not adjustable. Between 85 and 89, there are only a few dungeons you can get random'd into at each level (indicated by the dice symbol), and multiple people of different levels queueing may only share MSP. Level 90 players usually have few reasons to specific queue MSP, but if they, for some reason, ONLY want to queue for MSP, and not any of the other normal dungeons, they would specific queue even if they had access to random queues.

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