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Realm: Netherwing [Language] How to read Chinese on the WoW TBC 2.4.3 client - aka. what are all these ?????

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Option A: READ all non-English characters in chat

To see the invisible or square or "?" characters from other languages like Chinese and Russian you can use this font addon. This is an easier option than directly installing fonts into the WoW Fonts directory: https://github.com/fondlez/UnicodeFont/tree/tbc

Option B: READ AND WRITE all non-English characters in chat

Follow the above instructions from Option A to read characters. To be able to copy-paste the characters directly, it is a little more involved. For TBC 2.4.3:

  1. Make sure you have an addon that supports copy chat to the clipboard, e.g. ChatCopy, EasyCopy, Prat, Elephant, or whole UI addons like ElvUI and pfUI. Here is a direct link to ChatCopy on the "TBC addons 2.4.3" Discord.
  2. Follow this guide to install Locale Emulator (follow it from Step 2). This lets you paste non-English characters correctly from the clipboard: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q8gPp54Zt-Bcco1wIntGjeei-WmajwRMFxLcNKj6wAM/edit

Now you can copy-paste from your favorite translator, e.g. Google Translate. Make sure to select "Chinese (Simplified)" when talking to mainland Chinese.

Option C : HIDE all non-English characters in chat

If you simply want to block all non-English characters, there are addons like XChinkPink.

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