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Burning Crusade PvE Changes and Adjustments - TBC

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PvE content in TBC has always been quite varied and fun. Unfortunately as time passed, players got much better at the game and encounters that seemed difficult in 2007, now pose no challenge to not just veterans but average players as well. To combat this, it is necessary to introduce a number of changes to the content that increase the difficulty. Our goal is to make sure that dungeons and raids aren't pushovers and remain challenging and fun even today.

As baseline, we significantly increase health and damage of most trash mobs and bosses. While buffing health isn't always the most pretty solution, it works quite well as it negates the higher damage players do compared to 2007 and extends the encounter durations which combined with higher damage increases the potential of misplays, wipes, and demands more concentration from every raider. 

In addition to that, we also put a lot of effort into recreating pre-nerf mechanics of various bosses, here's some examples:

- High Astromancer Solarian uses a 'jumping' debuff version that needs to be managed by the raid constantly

- Al'ar can land at one of six potential spots, up from 3

- Lady Vashj has a hard enrage timer in Phase 3 and uses AoE Mind Control spell on players

- Magtheridon's cubes apply a much longer debuff


This is just some examples of many, many pre-nerf mechanics we've researched and implemented. We encourage new players to either seek additional information on more changes from Netherwing veterans or discover them on their own!

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