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Realm: Mistblade [Collection] MoP 5.4.8 addons

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There do not appear to be many centralized addon collections for Mists of Pandaria.

For now, I've just put together a list of addons that I either use or have tested to at least load into the Stormforge MoP 5.4.8 client. I will keep adding to the list.
This is mostly useful for players who know what addon they already want or have used in the past, but are not sure where to find that addon for this server.


Other Addon Collections

If you cannot find the addon you want from above, there are MoP addons available from Curseforge by searching for the latest green labelled addon under Curseforge - Files - Game Version: 5.4.8, e.g. this Files link for Addon Control Panel. If you found a random Curseforge link for an addon does not work, try substituting "www.curseforge.com" for "legacy.curseforge.com".

If you cannot find it on Curseforge, an alternative is Felbite.


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You can download shared weakauras (sometimes called WAs) from this player repository: https://wa.stormforge.gg/

These shared WAs are intended to be used with Maczuga's retail backport of WeakAuras for MoP above (shows as WeakAuras 1.2.14 in-game).

Using any other version of the WeakAuras, e.g. WeakAuras2 v2.0.8 from Curseforge, will produced mixed results with these shared WAs or will fail to import at all. It is not recommended to install any version of WeakAuras other than the Maczuga's. If you have accidentally installed any other version of WeakAuras, then you should make sure to delete not only the addon from `Interface\AddOns` folder but also delete any WeakAuras.lua and related files from your `WTF` SavedVariables folders.

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