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Hello. There has been some talking about adding alliance perks because of the current population on Mistblade 2.

Crysis stated that there probably wouldn't be any changes to the perks from last year.

But as far as I understand (I'm new on the server), the alliance perks last year included:

  • 2x Profession Gain Rates
  • 2x Reputation Gain Rates
  • 50% increased Justice Points gains
  • 10% increased Valor Point gains
  • Higher (1100) Weekly Valor cap

My suggest is the following:
Add an honor bonus as well, so PvPers also benefit from the Alliance perks, similar to the Justice Points and Valor points increases.
I'm not saying it should be 50% like Justice Points, since the honor points have double rates anyway.
But a nice bonus would be good to incentivize PvP players to play alliance as well.

Thank you for reading :)

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My understanding is PvPers prefer alliance anyway on MB. The balance is usually skewed because raiders go horde; that was where all the big end-game raid guilds were on MB1. All the PvP players were on alliance. If all that is true, there is no reason to add incentives for PvP on the alliance side. If anything, the PvP perks should go to the horde to try to get more PvP players to balance PvP out.

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MB1 Alliance:

Netherwing Alliance:
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Yeah, Alli perks are endgame casual PvE oriented because that is the playerbase that strongly prefers Horde in a default setting, but can be swayed by bonuses making it easier to enter, say, normal mode raids. We've discussed potential minor additions to the Alliance perks, but concluded that if they evened out the factions almost perfectly on MB1 (which had slightly worse initial ratios than MB2 does now), there aren't that many reasons to change them whatsoever, and we couldn't really come up with anything meaningful/substantial for our targeted playerbase anyway (without overbuffing).

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