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Realm: Mistblade So what happens to Mistblade 1?

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Absolutely not.  The whole point is new progression.  If you can pay to transfer your characters from MB1, that would destroy progression because all the max heroic end-game guilds could transfer and get realm first everything and end progression in one night.

MB1 is lower pop, but not dead.  I still play on it and I still get dungeons and I still see people when I'm out and about.  I see less people, but I still see people.

MB1 Horde: <I C U N V N Me>
CowMonster, VelcroGloves, ZugZugThug, Lesdyxia, LaxKills, ICritMyKilt, ICritMyCritr, ICritMyPet, ZeroSkills, IsoloedLK, TotemMonkey, Munkfu

MB1 Alliance:

Netherwing Alliance:
FuzeeWuzee, VelcroGloves, SumBeech, Anullfisher, ICritMyKilt, ZeroSkills

Bug Report: Netherwing or Mistblade

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