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Mistblade allowing our XP rates to fluctuate between 1x and 3x has been a huge boon. People get to choose whether they prefer a more vanilla leveling experience, or a boosted one to get to endgame content. 


I'd like to suggest a similar approach when it comes to professions. Allowing the players to set their rates between, for example, 1x and 2x would be a heavily appreciated way to minimize the time spent slogging through profession leveling, since most of the crafts people are after, are situated towards the higher levels of the professions. What do you guys and gals think? Is it fine as is, or would a slight boost make the experience more enjoyable? 

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It wouldn't hurt my feelings any if I could get through professions faster, but not sure what kind of effect that might have on the economy if people could get through professions easier they may be less inclined to pay for things on the AH like gems and glyphs.  That could tank AH prices, which some would view as a good thing and others would view as a bad thing.  An XP boost doesn't have any effect on the economy, but profession boosts might, so the admins may be less inclined to try to figure this one out.

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