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Give us a 3v3 Rated Arena event every sunday (and potentially every wednesday) where 2v2, RBG and Soloqueue is disabled - meaning the only pvp bracket you are able to queue up for is rated 3v3 arena, let that last for like 3 hours.

Probably do that twice a day, one very late in the day for EU and another one early morning for EU which means you'd get one early in the day for NA and another one later in the day for NA. This way theres a 3v3 event for EU and NA during the evening which is an optimal solution and exactly what Whitemane does - with amazing success!

As a reward they give you account bound satchels containing honor (more honor if you played more games) just for participating and the player(s) with the most wins get even more rewards! There's also a very low chance for special transmog items!

Im sure there are a lot of possibilities here - point being: give us a 3v3 rated arena event please or the 3v3 ladder will be dead. Thanks!


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