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Realm: Mistblade Mistblade S2: Connection Guide & Troubleshooting

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In this short guide, we’ll show you how to connect to Mistblade S2 and fix any potential issues you may face.


Which client should I choose?
We offer a few ways to join our MoP realm, depending on your system and preferences:

minimal client
You can call it a base for a full client. Mini Client allows you to log in and enter the game, and it downloads all essential files in the background while you start your journey.
NOTE: you will NOT be able to use WoD Models without downloading all game files, so we suggest not using them.
Download: LINK

Full 5.4.8 Repack
All necessary files are packed into one archive. All you have to do is unpack and you are ready to go.
Download: LINK

Full 5.4.8 Repack /w WoD Models
All necessary files are packed into one archive. All you have to do is unpack and you are ready to go. The only difference is - WoD Models’ files are already installed and you should be able to use them.
We suggest NOT to change language in this client since it may cause issues.
Download: LINK


The current version of the client, if installed correctly, should not cause issues, but we’ll try to go through the most common errors reported so far.


Battle.net Error #104. The information you have entered is not valid.

This message usually shows up when you enter the wrong data credentials. Here’s what you can do:

  • Make sure that you activated your account via the link sent to your mailbox after you created an account.
  • You must use the username you’ve created, not Display Name. See if you entered correct one.
  • If you are 100% sure that credentials you’re trying are correct, try changing password here: LINK
  • Open your Config.wtf file (Game directory/WTF) and see if it contains these lines:
    SET realmlist "logon.stormforge.gg"
    SET portal "logon.stormforge.gg:1118"
    If you do not see these lines - add them or modify existing ones.


Battle.net Error #114. Unable to connect. Please try again later.

This one is a bit tricky but the solution is actually quite easy and kind of funny.
The only fix we have for it at the moment is using old .exe files.
You’ll find them here: LINK

You have been disconnected.
This errors is mostly about your network.
The first thing you should try is some free VPN software since certain ISP may be blocking connections with our servers.


That would be it. If you didn't find solution to your issue, please contact us directly via Discord or via e-mail to [email protected].

Thank you for your support!

Ban Appeals, shop troubleshooting, account issues etc. -> [email protected]
How To Connect -> LINK
Rules & Guidelines -> LINK
Frequently Asked Questions -> LINK
Stormforge Logs -> LINK
Stormforge Discord -> LINK

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