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Realm: Netherwing Limit the number of entries to Stratholme each day to reduce excessive use of dungen resources leading to gold inflation

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Please limit the number of entries to Stratholme and other dungens each day to reduce excessive use of dungeon resources leading to gold inflation. There are too many gold farmers, most of whom are Defense Paladins. They exclusively run Stratholme all day to help boost lower-level players and acquire loot for gold. Limiting the daily entries, especially if their level is 5 levels above the dungeon, will help solve this problem more easily.

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What about people who collect mounts and pets like pokemon?  The ones that run it tons daily hoping for the mount to drop?

So what if we have two guys, let's say George and Gold Tooth McGee, who go out and farm.  Now our pal George is trying to get epic flying and a swift flying mount, so he is farming for good reason.  Our scoundrel Gold Tooth is just out here running bots and trying to make some cash selling gold.  If you put a restriction on the number of runs per day then poor George is going to spend a lot longer farming 5 runs per day trying to get that flying, while old Gold Tooth is just going to create more accounts and have his bot(s) switch accounts every 5 runs and keep farming.  Now buying some gold off Gold Tooth is looking better and better to ol' George who sees his epic flying as an unobtainable goal.  That's more incentive for ol' Gold Tooth to get more bots and keep going.

On the flip side of that, the inflated AH makes gold buying more appealing to George as well.

What I'm trying to say is I do not see a good solution to the problem that is feasible and I don't think restrictions on farming would solve it.  You restrict one method of farming and the bad apples will switch tactics and then you'll have to restrict another form of farming and another and another.  Where do you draw the line?

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