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Burning Crusade When removing player from heroic or raid - kick them out of instance after 60 seconds

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Right now if you are inside a heroic dungeon or raid and are removed from the group, there is no 60 second countdown timer to be auto teleported out of the instance to your hearth location.

This can cause someone to grief and remain inside indefinitely. Only if a GM is available can they teleport the offender out of the ID.

Blizzard added in the auto port out functionality in classic even if you are in a saved ID and it works well and reduces griefing opportunities.

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Yeah, I would say instant remove is much better.  Just thinking out loud here, but what if you kick someone and they are not immediately removed and they get all butt hurt and manage to pull mobs that wipe the unprepared group?  What if you are in ZA and you are kicking them for being a problem and you are bringing in someone else, but they run and get the bear mount timer started before they jet and now you are in a big rush to get it done?

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