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Burning Crusade [TBC] Remove Vashj + KT vial quest as prereq for The Scale of the Sands (Mount Hyjal) epic rings

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Arazmodu is an NPC in the Caverns of Time who will offer a quest that allows people with Friendly or higher reputation with The Scale of the Sands faction to get an epic ring. However, this quest is gated behind The Vials of Eternity quest, which requires players to kill Vashj and Kael'thas. 

I would like to suggest that the "The Vials of Eternity" prereq be removed, so that there is more incentive for people to join the Mount Hyjal trash farm PuGs that are already happening. This would NOT be a blizzlike change, so this suggestion is a departure from blizzlike. I noticed that even the Alliance side, which can be sparse on finding groups, is getting a decent amount of Hyjal trash farm PuGs off the ground and this ring quest could be further incentive for people to group up. It also acts as a little catch up mechanic in addition to ZA. With T6 attunements gone, the number of Vashj and KT kills will decrease, so people new to the server will have a really hard time getting these rings, which makes the reputation you get from Hyjal irrelevant and less exciting than it could be if this change were made.

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