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General Rules for posting in Support Q&A

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Welcome to the "Support Q&A" section!

If you encounter issues related to our game or website, this is the place where you can seek assistance. However, before you post a new topic, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Use the Search function - check if someone else has already faced a similar issue first. It's possible the answer to your question already exists!
  • Don’t report bugs here - if you believe you've found a bug in the game or on the website, please use our bugtracker. The "Support Q&A" section is meant for assistance on matters not directly related to bugs.
  • Add a Label to your topic - to ensure your query is properly categorized, please add an appropriate label to each new topic. This helps in faster resolution and keeps the forum organized.

Thank you for following these guidelines! We're here to help. We look forward to your questions and will strive to respond as quickly as possible!

Ban Appeals, shop troubleshooting, account issues etc. -> [email protected]
How To Connect -> LINK
Rules & Guidelines -> LINK
Frequently Asked Questions -> LINK
Stormforge Logs -> LINK
Stormforge Discord -> LINK

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