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Well it is obvious why you were banned.  If the guild name was "How i meet a Nword" then it has Nword because you knew putting the actual word would get you in trouble and you were trying to say it without saying it.  If you are just putting Nword on the forums to replace what you actually put in your guild name, then you are not very bright for not recognizing how that would lead you to this point.

Either way, send the e-mail, as Matik already said, and beg the admins for forgiveness.  If they do give you a second chance, ask ChatGPT if your guild name is racist before you form your next one.

MB1 Horde: <I C U N V N Me>
CowMonster, VelcroGloves, ZugZugThug, Lesdyxia, LaxKills, ICritMyKilt, ICritMyCritr, ICritMyPet, ZeroSkills, IsoloedLK, TotemMonkey, Munkfu

MB1 Alliance:

Netherwing Alliance:
FuzeeWuzee, VelcroGloves, SumBeech, Anullfisher, ICritMyKilt, ZeroSkills, Diabolique

Bug Report: Netherwing or Mistblade

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