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Mists of Pandaria Battle pets slots now bugged in Mistblade 2 and 1

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Hi Guys, today i was testing new server Mistblade 2, while I was leveling up my new character i went to battle pet trainer to be able to fight and get new pets and all its ok, but when

i returned to the first server (Mistblade 1), it said it had been unlocked first Slot for battle pet (In Mistblade 1 i have many epic pets in
lvl 25 and almost all achievements) but now I only can use one slot for pets.... thinking some wow bug, then i close wow and re open, 

but problem remains..... now each time i switch Mistblade servers (1-2 or 2-1) all 3 slots resets and just one is available...

Has anyone had this same problem?, do you know of a way to solve it?

Thank you so much in advanced


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