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Realm: Netherwing Merging alliance and horde for common raids/groups and guilds

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I would like to suggest to merge fractions alliance and horde to make them able to communicate, make guilds together and raid / dungeon. That doesnt take anything from PvP but will drasticly benefit server PvE activity. It would even make positive impact for alliance population because of majority players on horde side, play horde because of a lot PvE guilds existing there and if they got oppurtunity to raid as alliance and have best racial for their class they would surely go for it. Because right now, ppl prefer to have raids at all rather than having better racial. Dungeon making would be much more smooth in certain hours of the day where aliiance is drasticly lacking players and its hard to make any dungeons sometimes not even talking about pug raids. Besides that it would make positive impact on community and get some ppl to play together. I think it brings great part of fun into the game and doesnt hurt anyone.

I know a lot of ppl that agree with me and share my opinion from actual experiences. Please share your opinion and make some voice if you agree so we could make this server more fun and less demotivating to play!

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This has been covered already. Guilds can not be cross-faction because it messes up guild achievements.

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