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Burning Crusade Inclusion of Alterac Valley in "A Call to Battle".

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While Alterac Valley (AV) remains the least popular battleground mode for TBC, there is sincere interest in having it as a viable option. Needlessly to say, AV certainly remains a favorite amongst a minority of players. One could also argue that AV is more compatible with the interests of PVE players compared to any other BG modes, and could therefore attract players that otherwise don't engage in PVP gameplay.

However, the interest of the majority should not be outweighed by the interest of the minority in an unproportionate manner. Yet, in line with the axioms of economics: more choices are better than less. In other words, having more opportunities empowers the experience for everyone.

Therefore, I propose including AV in the PVP daily quest "A Call to Battle" once a week, which is proportionately representative of players' interests compared to other BGs (2 AB - 2 WG - 2 EoS - 1 AV). In turn, another dimension of the WoW experience becomes accessible, giving players the opportunity to indulge in the epic 40v40 battles (at least once a week) that are sincerely sought after by some. Making everyone happy in a fair manner.

This could simply be tested over a two-week period, with the subsequent feedback determining its continuation.

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