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Mistblade Season 2 - The Final Countdown

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There are just under 2 days left until the opening of Mistblade Season 2. Over the past weeks, we've done a lot of good work improving and enhancing the realm to provide you with a top-notch experience. We won't lie when we say we can't wait for Saturday night, and as a result, we have a few updates for you.


Firstly - a new client. A week ago, we provided you with a test version of the new MoP client, and we're pleased to say that in terms of stability, it surpasses the old client. We've managed to eliminate almost all errors causing hanging or sudden shutdowns. The final versions of clients are already available on our website in four forms:

Full Repack: LINK
Full Repack /w WoD Models: LINK
Mini-Client: LINK
WoD Models: LINK

If you already have a client, delete all exe files in the main folder that have their name start with WoW, download the mini client and copy all the exe files to your client. Then in the WTF/Config.wtf file add the entry "SET portal "logon.stormforge.gg:1118"".

IMPORTANT! Changing the language in the client will involve replacing game files, similar to the old client, but we suggest not changing the language in the WoD Models client.


Our fresh MoP realm will be called Mistblade Season 2, which is important for setting up AddOns before the start. In the previous announcement, we mentioned that you would be able to transfer your mounts purchased in the MoP Shop prior to launch. And that's not all! Our developers have adjusted our systems so that you can use ALL mounts you have obtained on Mistblade so far!

On Saturday, at 4:00 PM, to celebrate the start of Mistblade Season 2, we're launching a Release Party stream on Twitch (There maybe some Essence to win!), so bring your friends and join in -> https://www.twitch.tv/crysis_stormforge !

See you in 2 days!

Ban Appeals, shop troubleshooting, account issues etc. -> [email protected]
How To Connect -> LINK
Rules & Guidelines -> LINK
Frequently Asked Questions -> LINK
Stormforge Logs -> LINK
Stormforge Discord -> LINK

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