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Realm: Mistblade <rats> Realm First [25H] [EU] [Mistblade 2]

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:horde~1: <rats> :horde~1: [25H] [EU] [Mistblade 2]

Recruiting for:

  • Raiders for Realm First 25H
  • Socials for levelling groups on launch

We will raid up to 3-4 days on the first week of a heroic release on Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon at 19-23 CET in order to clear, and aim to reduce raids to 1 night farm ASAP. We expect each of the T14 raids to be cleared within 2 days.

Core group of realm first 25H raiders from Mistblade 1 and Tauri as well as some strong retail gamers.

Looking for any good players with recent raiding experience (full clears of MoP Heroic or Retail Mythic) who can communicate in English with a working microphone. Applications without any logs are heavily discouraged.

We are always looking for competent players of (almost) any spec. That said, we are urgently looking for the following to complete our ideal raid comp:

  • Tanks: Brewmaster / Blood / Prot War / Prot Pal
  • Healers: Disc / Resto Druid / Resto Sham
  • Melee: Arms War / Unholy DK / Rogue
  • Ranged: Survival Hunter / Mage / Warlock

Please read the info and rules in the discord below if you are interested in applying and have relevant experience.



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