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Realm: Mistblade Problems with guild benefits

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Well, as I mentioned in the title, I'm having trouble with guild buffs while playing in horde with blood elves (so far the only race I've played with in this faction). I explain to you, some guild benefits (in the case of increasing professions to 20% speed or acquiring loot with a greater amount of ingredients) do not work with my blood elf mage character, and I realize this because being inside a lvl 25 brotherhood, professions continue to rise x1. I already tried deleting and creating other blood elves, and the result is still the same (Not so in the other races I have played). Please I need you to help me solve this bug.


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4 minutes ago, Meguy said:

Ok, thanks for clarifying my doubts. One question, where can I find the information about faction benefits for this kingdom?


I have seen it posted on the discord and I'm pretty sure I saw it in a forum or a news post on the website too. I've slept since then though.

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