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Realm: Netherwing [Addon] FonzSaved - show saved instances and instance history

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Direct download: https://github.com/fondlez/FonzSaved/releases/latest
Repo: https://github.com/fondlez/FonzSaved/tree/main/FonzSaved

FonzSaved is an addon for World of Warcraft (TBC 2.4.3 client) to show saved instances and instance history. It can also query saved instances (raids) of other players, if they have the addon installed.

FonzSavedFu is an optional graphical frontend for FonzSaved with a minimap icon and FuBar support. FuBar is not required.

## Core Features

### General

  • Shows saved instance information across an account for raids and heroic dungeons.
  • Tracks and displays instance lockouts across an account (see Notes).
  • Shows how long ago you entered an instance therefore when you can enter a new instance if you have hit the lockout limit. You can see this while logged into any character on the account.
  • Shows your instance history up to a customizable number limit. Entries are color-coded in the past hour, past 24 hours and after 24 hours.
  • Tells your group, via chat and addon, when you as party or raid leader reset instances.
  • Tells you if your party or raid leader resets an instance, if they have this addon.

### Raid Leader Saved (RLS)

  • Announces when you as raid leader are saved to raids, when you create a new raid or when inviting others to the raid (with a cooldown for the announcement to prevent chat spam). It is disabled by default when inside an instance. Type `/rls` to toggle the feature temporarily or `/fsconfig rls enable`permanently.
  • Automatically queries the saved raids of the raid leader when you join a raid group or when a party converts to a raid. This requires the raid leader to have installed this addon.

### Query

  • Can query the saved instance (raid) information of others who have the addon installed.
  • Can query by name, target or mouseover with the `/saved` command, e.g. for a target `/saved t`.
  • Can query by name and raid name when only interested in a specific raid, e.g. `/saved Gigachad Sunwell`.

### Chat

  • Can announce saved instance (raid) information to any chat channel, e.g. guild `/saved g`.

## Slash Commands

  • Saved instances: `/saved` or `/fs`.
  • Instances (lockouts): `/instance`, `/lockout` or `/locked`.
  • Options: `/fsconfig` or `/fsoptions`.




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