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For issues regarding loss of 2FA - Two-Factor Authentication - Device:

"In order to disable Two-Factor Authentication, go to your e-mail and search for "Two-Factor Authentication has been activated on Stormforge.".
This message will contain your Reset Key. When you have the reset key:
1. Logout from Stormforge website.
2. Go to https://stormforge.gg/account/recovery#restore-two-auth
3. Follow the instructions.
If you don't have the recovery key, in order to restore access to your account, please provide us with the following information when sending an email to [email protected] :
- Account name (login).
- Current e-mail address assigned to this account.
- Estimated creation date of your account.
- Estimated last login date.
- Last known IPv4 address. (This can be found by navigating to https://www.whatismyip.com/)
- Country and city from which you usually logged into the game from.
- Nickname, level, class, race of at least one of the characters on your account.

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