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Hi Community let me share this idea, I'll argue why after I suggest how:

Feature: Enable transmog for those who want

· "code-wise":  there are many private servers that support this feature; I suppose there is already documentation on the internet about that.
· UX:
    ·· Offer the user 3 possible state of transmog interaction:
    1) The user is able to see transmog from other players
    2A) The user after a ([3]repeatable-)quest chain: is able to transmog his own equipment.
    2B) The user after another ([3]repeatable-)quest chain: is able to opt-out of transmog and see all players with the current set (and also can't transmog his own equipment) (See "Why" [1])

    Next are second priority (See "Why" [2])
    ·· Transmog an equip-item may needs:
        ··· some unique, soulbound, quest item drop in some/any non-tbc dungeon or raid
        ··· or some low-level reagent pack, like for example a pack of medium leather, a pack of mageroyal, or a pack of wool, etc...
        ··· some reputation (like revered) in X mayor faction city for Y type of gear (ie: exodar for head & offhand, SW for chest & bracers, Darnasus for Pants & hands, IF for Weapons & shoes...)

listed in no particular order:
· [0] Offer a popular server feature to engage more users
· [1] Offer an opt-out way for those who want a "blizzlike" experience
· [2] Insetivize vanilla interaction in all lvls to go travel across the world, and not only powerleveling then AFK-ing in Shatrath and only doing "stuff" in outland.
· [3] Allow the user to change his mind at any moment and toggle the transmog interaction with a quest or something non trivial (What I mean is not just a UI toggle nor a console command)

· Please don't burry this topic
· This is an idea to combat the lowering player after the release of "the latest server competition"
· This server already offers dual talent feature (thankyou seriously), transmog is kinda close to that
· In the same fashion we can set the XP to 1x blizzlike offer this new feature with the option of opt-out for those who want
· It adds long term interactions not just "go for the raids in this expansion and no more"
· Any addition, comment, or correction is welcome

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I looked into potentially implementing transmog a couple of months ago but we would like it to work in a specific way that's currently not possible due to technical limitations. We might revisit the idea when the custom client is done and we can change that but for now there's some obstacles that come up before we even get to discussing whether transmog is a good idea or not.

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