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Realm: Netherwing <Wasted Potential> [A] [Wed/Thur/Sun 8-11pm ST]

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<Wasted Potential>
[EU] [Alliance] SemiHC Guild is recruiting to bolster our T6 Roster

Raid Schedule
Raidinvites start at 7:30pm ST

Wed:   8pm - 11pm ST
Thur:  8pm - 11pm ST
Sun:   8pm - 11pm ST

Karazhan Off Raids (Optional) on Fri/Sat/Mon 8pm ST


We are looking for players who are:
⦁ stable/dedicated
⦁ able to consistently perform well
⦁ reliable in communicating Absence/Availability
⦁ using proper consumables every raid
⦁ playing with a Team First Mentality

Recruitment Focus/Need: (Core Spots)
⦁ Resto Shaman  (Importance: High)
⦁ Elemental Shaman  (Importance: High)
⦁ Destro Warlock  (Importance: High)
⦁ BM / SV Hunter  (Importance: High)
⦁ Mage (Importance: Medium)

What to expect from us
⦁  Well-planned and organized raids & detailed assignments for every team (Tanks/Healers/DPS)
⦁  Leadership that actually cares for their members
⦁  Strong Focus on Teamwork
⦁  Offhour Activities (PvP, Alts, Kara)
⦁  Raids with banter and a friendly/enjoyable atmosphere

Reach out to me with a Screenshot of your Interface/ Character.


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