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Realm: Netherwing Bring Back STORMFORGE Netherwing Logs

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Hello Community, 

as we know, Stormforge offers Logs which are an optimal way to track your progress, your performance and other peoples progress/equipment - unfortunately its only worth to track, when you deal damage, the Logs dont offer an healing mode anymore. We got a Detailed mode, yes, but its wrong and buggy and you cant realy filter/sort by the ammount.

I do know its difficulty to track all data and a huge amount of memory is required - but the changes made the logs buggy and unnecessery to track unless you are currently clearing/progressing T6 content - so my question is simple will it stay this way or is it planed to work on the Logs in general so it adds value for all players?

Thank you in advance - whats your opinnion - Let me Know!




English is not my first language so if you have difficulty to understand my wording, feel free to ask.

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Also @Mun1ch please keep in mind that every single piece of info shown in the Detailed View is what the API returns, meaning its given to Stormforge Logs by the server. Its not buggy and its the most reliable data you can get because its recorded by the server. 

The ranking for previous tiers is locked due to how the tier system works. This exists to keep the history from T4 and T5 as is without people tainting the stats with unobtainable gear, hence the padlock icon image.png.9eb14e9102ce275319b531d43110f3fa.png

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It was just over a period of 2 Weeks and they were buggy!

It once said, that our Hunter made ~ 823 HPS during a boss fight.

But as i can see know they brought back the "Healer Mode" for all Tier Bosses which is great! 🙂 


Thank you! This Toppic can be closed. 

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