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3 minutes ago, GraveBear said:

that supposed to take us to some Wayback link?
I wasnt able to reach the page, however, I use this list - it's what many of us used back in the day on Warmane tbc before it was shut down:


Yes it should. Direct url is: https://web.archive.org/web/20200726124248/http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https://forum.atlantiss.org/netherwing/topic/6-tbc-243-addons/

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I would not recommend Legacy WoW.

  1. It is a highly inconsistent site to both users and uploaders, for example, its "Burning Crusade" section is also subtitled "Burning Crusade Classic".
  2. In the same section it will have Classic TBC or TBC or Classic WotLK or even WotLK addons.
  3. It lists mods in the same sections as addons, yet mods - unlike addons - are bannable on many private servers.
  4. It lists the same and completely inconsistent client version for every addon within a section.
  5. If you are an addon author and ever try to upload an addon to Legacy WoW, good luck. It can take weeks for it to be approved, including any changes (this is not a good thing to grow or have a large repository of addons or add newly written addons).

If by some miracle you find a working addon that is actually for the TBC 2.4.3 client and that is not already in the "TBC addons 2.4.3" Discord, you may as well just link it in the highly maintaned Discord or on this forum. At least then the community will know that one addon works, rather than for every later person trying to play guessing games with the Legacy WoW site just to download an addon.

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