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Mists of Pandaria [PvP] Mistblade 2 Suggestions

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Based on how it went on MB1, here are some reasonable suggestions or minor changes for MB2 that will only impact quality of life in PvP.

Even if none of them go through, it doesn't matter, game is pretty decent as is, can't complain :classic_cool:


  • Increased Honor gain rates (at least more than 1x):

Or increase Justice gains in dungeons to facilitate Honor conversion: Justice points in MoP are completely worthless for PvEers after 1st month of 5.0 anyways, this will boost dungeon population indirectly throughout the entire duration of MoP.


  • Honor gear scales up to 535 instead of 522 (and s14 522 ilvl to 535 as-well):

Wearing 522 means you're ~45% weaker than 550, this is the biggest gap between pvp season gear in WoW's history, conquest gear always was at most 10-15 ilvl higher than honor gear, no idea what bl*zzard were thinking here.

This was already implemented during s13 here on Mistblade 1, and it felt really good playing on alts against even fully geared opponents. When season 14 released and honor gear became 522 it felt like such a huge downgrade by comparison.


  • ilvl requirement for BG queues to prevent grievers that join naked:

Every single piece of content is locked behind an ilvl req, even Cata leveling dungeons 90% of players won't ever enter, but no ilvl gate for lvl 90 BGs?
If you enter a BG at any given hour, you'll notice at least 20-40% of "players" are wearing green/blue questing gear from 2 expacs ago, some are even naked, none of this is acceptable, as having to send screenshots of naked plebs to GMs very 30 sec hasn't achieved anything and it's 100% too time consuming to micromanage so I understand.

Investing time into our characters is the core principle of an MMO, but being forced to play with (and against) players that just show up naked is insulting and a total waste of everyone's time.

I think this is a reasonable change to make since solo queue 3s arenas have an ilvl req already, and it takes barely 1 day spamming dungeons to get fully honor geared, it's just so basic and a no-brainer.


  • Scaling from the start:

Obviously the server is running 5.4.8 core which is centered around and balanced for season 15, without scaling, dot/hot classes and most casters are totally unplayable due to the inability to reach basic haste breakpoints as we'll be forced to wear gear that was technically obsolete 2 years ago, relatively speaking.


  • De-synchronize PvP season length from content patches:

s12 and s14 lasted about 4 months, whereas s13 lasted about 9 months, and s15 as of now is will be over at ~5 months, s12 and s14 weren't even worth playing for the most part which is a shame, this change won't impact PvE unless the seasons end too fast and PvP gear "catches up" (lol).


Bonus: Imagine if we could buy conquest gear with honor on all the characters in the account once 1 of them has unlocked the achievement for 25k conquest gained for the season?

PS: I really enjoyed s12 due to upgradable gear (retail s12 had crazy talents too but we're 5.4.8 here), it's a shame that this season was one of the shortest, and being forced to use dungeon weapons till we gained 7500 conquest is a bad design (not your fault, I think it's to prevent forcing pve players to do pvp just to have a decent weapon on 1st week), basically if you were a melee class you couldn't do damage for the first month of s12.


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