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There's a rather large drought in 25man guilds everytime a mop server is up. While there's a small amount of gear incentive with thunderforge rates in T15 and T16 its often not seen as worth the time and effort to manage 25 players. I was wondering if increasing the Valor gains from 25man so that you can cap with a partial clear would be enough to incentivise players. You could also make the bosses drop lesser charms to lower the amount of dailies or mob farming required each week to get 3 coins. Either/both of these would be a useful/welcome bonus that does not provide unfair advantages over the weekly cap.

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On 12/21/2023 at 11:44 AM, Query said:

By the way there is an increased thunderforged chance in 25 man.

I didn't see it for 10man though 

1. Thunderforging does not exist in T14

2. Chance to coin thunderforged gear in 10HC was hacked in (not blizzlike) to be equivalent to the chance oh 25HC rather than the standard 10man chance.

3. Thunderforging rates are normal for T16 but irrelevant since everyone stops playing after prog 

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