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Name: Moe   Age: 32 y/o   char: Nobara   class: warrior   spec: protection   faction: alliance

Stats: 15.3k hp 6% hit or 15.1k hp 6% hit and 3% expertise without racial (hit rating & HP could change depending on if there's boomie in raid)

professions: ENG ( got repair bots - jumper cables and chicken ) BS ( weapons )

Alt: no alts since I like to focus on doing pvp arena at off raids times

Addons: Atlas, Recount, Omen, OmenCC, DBM, & Quarts ( I could be fancy and add more looks in my UI but I prefer basic addons)

experience: I'm an old player who know the content very well and willing to give all the information about tactics if necessary.

goal: to clear T5/T6 content.

why you are guild less:  I was progressing with my guild and it was promising However, drama killed the progression, which led to people leaving the guild or not being interested to do PVE or not showing up for raids. Which is why I'm looking for a guild that I hope without a drama. a guild the focus on what they do.

what are you going to offer: I will do the best of my ability to prove myself by showing up on time, giving the knowledge, improving myself and others if required and pushing the guild to achieve the goals. ( I can bring frost or nature resist gear depending on the other tank) 


what are you looking for in a guildI'm looking for a trustworthy guild that is constantly pushing to clear content. Furthermore, to get a position in the guilds race.





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Sefora - Netherwing

I played with you in the same guild and can attest your knowledge in the game and your tanking. Always helping new 70 for nm and HC.

A patient player full of skills, who knows how to use his brain, is rare 😉 


In love with your voice as RL, i really hope you can find a guild HL. You deserve it.




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