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Client Mouse snapping to center when clicking and dragging

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When i click and drag the mouse it snaps back to the center of the screen.  Does anyone know how to fix it?  ( Windows 10 ) 

EDIT: oh and when i connect my other monitors it snaps to off-window onto my right monitor for a frame.

Friend of mine has the same problem with a totally different setup. 


Things i tried: 

- Load game w/o addons.

- Load game in compatibility mode 

- 3 different mice

- turn all other monitors off

- played with DPI / polling rate  ( every setting ) 

- played with ingame Video / Interface settings  ( Hardware cursor etc ) 


Is there a solution ? Does anyone have the same problem ? am i the only one who spam clicks mouse buttons ? 


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you might need to try This. a patched executable fix the ancient client bugs that cause your mouse cursor to reset to the center of your screen and / or cause your camera to jump to a different location when clicking. Rename to "Wow.exe" to use with patching tools https://mega.nz/file/MFcimDYT#UwJb-HKpdaiTA8lcsyADwi9jQFSCE07ZC0ihFlOxVj0 click here to download

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