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Burning Crusade Leatherworking drums || Engineering Gnomish Battle chicken.

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Can we implement insta cast drums with increased range? 

Currently it takes a GCD + has a limited range of 5 yards. Altering it would make it less of an elitist consumable and more of a necessary and viable consumable due to being an instant cast with 40 yard effective range. Would help more guilds escape their progression gates in T5 and start of T6. 


Can the people reading this express their opinions on battle chickens? 

I personally heavily despise the idea of melees and hunters having 5% increased AA haste per popped chicken in their group that lasts for 4 minutes, which is 6 times longer than a heroism and especially if it's fully stacked and still overlaps with heroism and ANY other consumable / buff. It's only time until people start abusing this and get accused of cheating because of it


It might be blizzlike but it's absolutely stupid. 

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I agree, esp the drums part would be a huge QoL change which only came with i think Sunwell last server when most ppl had already quit.
It probobly wont make a huge diffrence to any guild but it will make playing the game ever so slightly more fun, as a Resto druid for example who wants 4x Haste drums for that all so amazing 5th LB stack rolling it's nigh on impossible on 80% of the fights cause i can't be close to everyone in my group since fights demand spreading.

Chickens is just an abuse so i say get rid of them or make them so u can only ever have 1 up at a time.

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Wolf has already stated that chickens will be nerfed starting next patch, dunno to what extent - hopefully only 1 buff can be up at a time or something.

Drums are buffed in patch 2.3 to the instant cast and increased range - but I agree it should've been in from the start.

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